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Internal ISM & ISPS Audit & MLC inspection

ISM Code paragraph 12.1 states: "The company shall conduct internal safety audits ashore and at sea on a periodic basis of not more than twelve months to ensure that all safety and pollution-prevention activities are compliant with SMS". According to section 12.5 of the code, "Auditors should be independent of the areas under audit unless this is impractical due to the size or nature of the business".

We offer internal audit services to ship management companies and owners. We have ISM, ISPS & MLC Auditors who follow the required code and your management procedures to minimize your expert employment fee as well as your travel expenses.


Our company is accredited as vessel auditors and inspectors, and we perform ISM ISPS MLC internal audits on different types and sizes of vessels in major Texas ports including Houston, Galveston, Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Lake Charles, Beaumont.

You can request a quotation for any of the above ports that our ISM ISPS MLC internal auditors can reach on short notice. We can attend vessels at short notice, and we will follow up on ETAs with our local agents.


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