Pre Loading Survey

Vessel owners have an obligation to deliver cargo in the same condition as when it was loaded. However, with finished steel products being susceptible to physical damage and rusting during their passage through the supply chain, it is vital to establish the cargo’s apparent condition immediately prior to loading. This ensures that Mate’s receipts and bills of lading are appropriately claused and that pre-existing damage is identified and not later claimed against the vessel.

The U.S Marine Survey, steel pre-shipment inspection is one of the best loss prevention measures that you can take right now to prevent and reduce claims in your operation.

Steel products that you should arrange pre-shipment surveys for include:

-Structural sections, beams, and profiles     




-Hot rolled steel in coils or bundles         

-Cold rolled steel in coils, packs or bundles

-Coils of bar and wire rod                

-Flat bars, merchant bars, and grousers

-Track products                      

-Pipes (coated and bare)

-Sheet piling


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