Inventory of Hazardous Material, IHM HazMat Survey

Our core maritime survey team has evolved over years of experience to offer IHM Hazmat survey. Our Hazmat experts brings together a strong track record in the maritime sector and understands the the industry needs better than our counterparts who have simply diversified from onshore hazardous material experience into the marine market.

U.S Marine Survey has experienced and qualified marine surveyors and Hazmat Experts. The focus of us is to provide professional, flexible and cost-effective solutions tailored to clients’ requirements with particular focus on always delivering our services in line with the high end of the industry standard. During the inspection, we'll take physical and visual samples of ship components that may contain hazardous substances.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, U.S Marine Survey has been serving customers' urgent requirements.‬

WHAT IS Inventory of Hazardous Materials Survey

The Hong Kong Convention was adopted in 2009 to effectively address, in a legally binding instrument, the environmental, occupational health and safety risks related to ship recycling, taking into account the particular characteristics of maritime transport and the need to secure the smooth withdrawal of ships that have reached the end of their operating lives. Upon entry into force, the Hong Kong Convention will require new ships and existing ships of 500 GT and above no later than 5 years after the entry into force of the Convention, or before going for recycling, if this is earlier, to have onboard a valid International Certificate of Compliance on IHM. The objectives of the IHM under the Hong Kong Convention is to document ship-specific information on the actual hazardous materials present on board in order to protect the health and safety of the crew, and to protect the health and safety of workers at ship recycling facilities and avoid environmental pollution when the ship is going for recycling. The European Parliament formally adopted the EU SRR on 22 October 2013. The EU SRR entered into force on 30 December 2013. The EU SRR requires all non-EU-flagged ships of 500 GT and above calling at EU ports; from 31 December 2020, to have onboard a valid IHM with a Statement of Compliance in the format specified in Appendix I of this Note. The EU SRR is aimed at facilitating early ratification of the Hong Kong Convention 2009 - both within the EU and in other countries outside the EU - by applying controls to ships and ship recycling facilities on the basis of the Hong Kong Convention. The following procedure should be followed for determination of Part I of the IHM:

- Collection of the necessary information

- Assessment of collected information

- Preparation of Visual/Sampling Check Plan (VSCP);

- Onboard Visual/Sampling Check; and

- Preparation of Part I of the IHM and related documentation

The IHM consists of three (3) Parts:

PART I: Hazardous materials contained in the Ship’s Structure and equipment

PART II: Operationally generated wastes

PART III: Stores

(PART II & III Should be prepared only prior Recycling)

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